“No success at work covers up for failing at home”

– Kyle Depiesse

Kyle Depiesse experienced a complete breakdown. After spending 15 years of his life in the rat race, chasing the success carrot of the corporate world, it all caught up with him. It took being completely broken for Kyle to realize he’d been focused on all the wrong things and began to align himself to what really matters.

Now, Kyle’s mission and focus is helping high performing men step into a work life rhythm that allows them to sustain that performance AND enjoy fulfillment WITHOUT sacrificing their personal life.

“We don’t get our most creative and industry changing ideas while sitting behind our computers, laptops or iPhone screens …”

– Kyle Depiesse


  • Rat race burnout and breakdown
  • Lifestyle creep
  • Losing the family’s retirement fund
  • Breaking financial bondage
  • Cutting $380k of debt in 38 months
  • Redefining success as we age
  • Work – life rhythm and recovery


Kyle Depiesse is from a small town in Wisconsin, relocated to the Twin Cities in 2005, married his wife, Lois, in January of 2013, and they welcomed their son, Cal, into the world in March of 2017.

Kyle is a 13 year veteran of the business world with experience that spans several different industries. However, success in the corporate world came at the expense of countless extra hours, impacting physical health and mental health. As Kyle kept climbing the corporate ladder, he felt more lost than ever before. He was the first one in each day and the last one to leave, ultimately leading to exhaustion and complete burn out – becoming miserable and making everyone around him miserable as well.

In desperation Kyle found inspiration for a better way of managing the seasons of life – a season of intense focus and hard work MUST be balanced with a season of deep refueling and recharging. There’s a rhythm to work and life – not balance. From that, The Reaching Beyond Experience was created.

Now for Kyle, that looks like going to places surrounded by beauty that draws out creativity and high level thinking. He surrounds himself with people that are growing and enjoys having deep conversations over a great glass of pinot noir!


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