“Shifting into a place of ‘what is true’ by just being amongst truth…absolutely, fundamentally changes everything about your entire life.”

– Damion Lupo

Damion Lupo is uncommon when it comes to the approach and mindset of finance, investing, and wealth creation. He has an ability to flip the thinking 180 degrees such as reading the tax code as an incentive structure rather than a burden, viewing investments for the experience and people, and taking a 20 year forward view on his fund. But Damion’s holistic approach to life and finance wasn’t learned in school. In fact, he was kicked out, built and lost a business, and earned what many of us know as our real world MBA. Damion credits a fail-fast approach of making more mistakes faster than his competition as key to success and today leads 3 multimillion dollar global companies.

“When you start asking ‘how do I’, ‘what could I’, or ‘what’s possible’, everything changes.”

– Damion Lupo


  • Shift in mission after making and losing $20MM
  • Overnight success…after a decade
  • Realignment from success to fulfillment
  • Finding the $ number that sets you free
  • Rewiring mindset through action
  • BS (Black Swan) squared
  • From chaos to clarity
  • Using powerful questions
  • Fundamental truth from time in nature
  • When A and B players are on the same team


Damion Lupo is the Best Selling Author of more than 11 books in personal finance and money thinking, host of the Financial Underdogs Podcast, owner of 50+ companies and founder of his own martial art – Yokido®

Damion’s secret to outdoing the competition is high tough not high tech and his secret sauce has more to do with mistake volume. More mistakes, faster than the competition – his key to success. In 2008 he lost his entire $20 million net worth but recreated his wealth and reinvented his life over 4 transformational years. Today he leads 3 multimillion-dollar global companies with one unified mission – to Free People from Money Bondage.



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