“Every single time that I want something to be different than how it is, I’m going to just lean into that resistance and I’m going to let them be exactly how it’s going to be. Within moments of doing this practice, and then within days as it continued to deepen, I was connecting with my kids in ways I never had before.”

– Ryan Sawyer

Ryan Sawyer shares his journey out of a desperate place that looked like success to everyone else but that was crushing him inside. He finally and literally collapsed under the weight of it all and made a choice to completely reinvent himself, his career, and his relationships. Ryan showed up to this conversation as an open book with no questions off limits and offers not only his story but the lessons and practices he has gone out and learned, applied, and now teaches others.

I was sabotaging myself; I was sabotaging my marriage; I was destroying my life. No matter what I changed about my life or my physical appearance, I was getting in return exactly how I treated myself. My unconscious beliefs and patterns were being exposed.

– Ryan Sawyer


  • Anxiety and depression compounded by guilt
  • Making a choice to reinvent his life
  • Practice of letting go of pre-conceptions
  • Morning routine for emotional control
  • Power in asking for help
  • Who needs a coach and why
  • Identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs


Ryan Sawyer was a college football coach who went with his team all the way to win the National Championship in 2010.  It was the height of his coaching career and his childhood dream from the time he was 12.

But what no one knew, not even his wife, was that he was suffering from severe depression. Finally, one year after the championship game, he was at a breaking point and the truth came out – first to his wife and eventually to his head coach and longtime friend, when he walked away from football for good to fight for his life. The book Ryan has just completed, Choice Point, details this amazing journey.

Ryan is a devoted husband and father of two beautiful children ages 5 and 7. He and his wife Heidi have recently launched their coaching business, Integrated Human Performance (IHP).



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