Chris Patrick has been arrested and accused of a heinous crime (at 12 years old!), robbed, fired, divorced, and failed in two businesses. He had every reason to feel victimized, bury the past, and accept that creating his own reality of happiness and abundance was beyond his reach. But that’s not how Chris is wired.

Instead, he has written it all down in a book – Disaster to Dreams. It’s a story that demonstrates how amazing opportunities lie just on the other side of adversity—if you’re willing to do the dirty work and dig through defeat. As Chris says, you build triumph on the foundation of failure and no path is a dead end, no matter how epic your defeat.

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  • Success in the face of failure
  • Comfort zone v/s opportunity
  • Arrested and accused at 12 years old
  • Taking responsibility for your reality
  • Rewriting beliefs for our selves & children
  • Infinite possibilities



Chris Patrick is a real estate consultant and founder of The Patrick Group, a premier real estate firm in Las Vegas. A hard-partying snowboard bum turned successful businessman, he persevered despite numerous setbacks on the road to his eventual success. He hopes to inspire others to overcome their own serious hardships, traumatic events, or struggles in order to live their absolute best lives.


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