COVID-19 may be the first time the entire world is united on the same side of a crucible and yet individually we must face uncertainty, fear, isolation, and life impacts. This episode presents resources, places, and ways to learn and act. You’ll get tips on health, connection, routine, and mindset – thinking about what’s left and what’s next. And find out about a FREE 14-day online training opportunity open now.

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“Will you look back at yourself and see someone who rose to the challenge, served, loved, and showed for the people around him or her?”

– Chief CJ Kirk

“Research shows that the best way to deal with negativity is to observe it, without reaction and without judgement.”

– Patrick Sweeney (The Fear Guru)

“Becoming a more robust human for yourself and your tribe is more important now than ever before in our lifetimes”

– Jeff Depatie


  • How to 2x brainpower with curiosity
  • 9 tactics to maintain and improve health
  • What might Marcus Aurelius say about COVID
  • The school of adversity and stress
  • Difference between scared and afraid
  • Mindset tips of an astronaut 
  • Best way to redirect negativity
  • Leading through change
  • Commitments for courage
  • COVID reflection for your future self
  • Call to human optimization



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