Let’s talk about blind spots created by success. Success can feel like the pinnacle but your competition is constantly in pursuit and from a growth perspective there’s always another tier of excellence yet to reach. Greg Ballard specializes in taking senior executives and organizations to the next level by creating cultures and habits of introspection, critical thinking, and communication.

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  • Creating feedback systems
  • Blind spots within success
  • JoHari window
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Curing conflict avoidance
  • Increasing self awareness


Greg Ballard is the founder and CEO of Five C Consulting, a boutique firm based in Washington, D.C. Metro. His company works with a diverse set of clients ranging from mid-sized tech companies, large government agencies, military, and non-profits to radically improve strategic people investments and organizational performance.

Over the past six years, Greg has actively worked with CEO’s, operational executives, mid-level managers, and small business owners to improve their mindset, business habits and overall approach to management and leadership. He has helped executive professionals improve productivity, communicating difficult feedback, navigating politics, influencing, strategic decision making, mindset, designing habits that last and other management and leadership challenges.


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