Josh Guerrero is an archeologist, philanthropist, veteran of the Marine Corps and Peace Corps, and versatile traveler and adventurer intent on making the most of his time on this wonderful planet. A two week study abroad in Japan as a young student ignited Josh’s love of international travel and a desire to see much more of the world. Since then he’s done two stints as an expatriate – in The Gambia, West Africa for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and one year in England as a graduate student.

“I suddenly thought to myself – how can I get more of this? That’s 1 country out of 193 other countries in the world. There’s so much else out there for me to see!”

– Josh Guerrero

Josh joins the show to share some of his greatest travel moments, meals, inspirations, lessons, and failures. He also reveals the details of his next great adventure and fund-raising effort to empower veterans with a new team and mission.

“Getting out of your comfort zone. We’ve heard that a million times for good reason because there’s so much value. Long term, what am I going to look back on my life and be more happy that I have done? It’s going to be the uncomfortable things. Not the times where I decided to play it safe and let opportunities pass me by.”

– Josh Guerrero


Josh ranks travel memories and stories as more meaningful than any material possession and has racked up some great adventures so far – shipwreck diving in Lake Superior, cycling 300 miles across The Gambia, floating on top of the salty water of the Dead Sea, and riding camels in the Sahara desert, just to name a few. Oh, and quite a few unique travel meals were had too!

All of these stories and more are shared regularly through Josh’s All Around Adventure podcast where he shares adventures and misadventure to inspire travel, life abroad, and provide tips and ideas to help make your future travels safer and less stressful.


  • Catching the travel bug
  • How international travel enriches us
  • Overcoming common fears of adventure
  • Failure and the unexpected as part of the fun
  • Next adventure benefitting vets
  • All Around Adventure mission

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