Ever speak to a Zen master? This week’s guest may be as close as I’ve come so far, although it may not be apparent by description alone. Jeff Depatie is a retired tier one special forces sniper who has survived and thrived in the harshest environments on the planet. From just what we can know as civilians about his certifications and experience, Jeff has ticked off about every “manly” thing you could list. But as you’ll hear in this episode, Jeff has been studying much more than that and is thinking much bigger, much deeper. He’s on a mission in service to the greater good of humanity.

“Understand the power of suffering as transcendence on the physical and mental planes”

– Jeff Depatie

You’ll learn about The Process, run once per year for a select group of men to experience the ultimate in adventure, personal growth, and the challenge of a lifetime. And The Trialstaking applicants now – for a 12 week self-discovery, self-mastery deconstruction, discovery, and training for the mind, body, and soul. As well as the Robust Human Summit coming soon to address how to survive AND thrive in the wilderness or after a pandemic like the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“None of us is smarter than all of us”

– Jeff Depatie


  • Getting to the endpoint of yourself
  • Constantly improving courage
  • Fostering self-actualization in children
  • Robust Human Summit
  • Terror Management Theory
  • Strength in vulnerability
  • Personality + Environment = Behavior


Jeff Depatie is a loyal husband and a retired JTF2 sniper/assaulter committed to being a good man serving the greater good of humanity. Jeff’s vision is to identify superior non-military men and bring them together to see if they collectively can solve some of the world’s biggest issues from the ground up.

Depatie has spent years of his life in deserts, jungles, extreme cold, and other hardly inhabitable geographies. In the words of Master Yoda, “failure the greatest teacher there is.”

Depatie is committed to maintaining peak physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual shape – in addition to constantly improving the courage it takes to will that strength. For years, he’s been building his skills in the following crafts:

  • Tactical shooting: Depatie has taught pistol, shotgun, carbine, and long-range shooting to incoming tier-1 operators. He was part of the sniper unit that holds the current world record for longest confirmed kill at 3.5km (2.2 mi).
  • Martial arts training in multiple disciplines: MMA, karate, combato, defendo, and spears
  • Skydiving and paramotoring: With multiple qualifications and course completions for each
  • Piloting aircrafts: Private, IFR, float/sky racing, general purpose bushcraft
  • Professional driving: On/Off road and multiple ATV variants such as UTVs, dirt bikes, and on/off road motorcycles
  • Open water scuba and diving
  • CCNA/CCNP Cisco Certified Network Professional
  • Human Optimization Processes
  • >50 confidential military courses and qualifications

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