Debriefing a recent overnight, 12 hour event called SEALFit 20X, this week’s episode examines lessons and tools from hands-on training designed and run by some of the physically and mentally toughest men on the planet. We look at why it’s so important to undertake manufactured crucibles, where to find them, and “the process” of getting uncomfortable.

“Do today what others won’t. Do tomorrow what others can’t.”

– Jerry Rice

Integrated, holistic training techniques are extremely rare and opportunities to put them into real practice even more so. After getting cold, wet, and muddy to run, ruck, Murph, plank, burpee, and log PT, there’s been time to digest and reflect on the embedded lessons and coaching from Mark Divine and the SEALFit and Unbeatable Mind teams. Today we look at dealing with fear and anxiety in anticipation, positive mantras, breathing on “manual override” and a tip on visualization picked up from Greg Amundson.

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat”

– Richard Marcinko


  • Debrief a recent SEALFit 20X event
  • Importance of manufactured crucibles to train for real life
  • Lessons in:
    • Dealing with fear and anxiety
    • Attention control
    • Value of getting uncomfortable
    • Clarity in purpose
  • Actionable Tools & Techniques:
    • Show fear the light of day
    • Visualization – make it real
    • Know your Why
    • The Witness
    • Breathing
  • My 20x Patch (Listen to the episode)

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