This week we continue the talk with Mike Herzog, corporate and individual Coach and Founder of Life Design Center, and dig deeper into tips, techniques, and the value of coaching for difficult endeavors – whether it’s holding an extended meditation pose or undertaking an intense physical crucible.

Building on last week’s part 1 episode, we learn about the extended fast that was part of Mike’s Vision Quest and anecdotal insights from a SEALFit training class, the Bataan Death March event, and a 24-hour Krav Maga crucible.

“So much of personal development is knowing your own limits but being courageous enough to challenge those limits.”

– Mike Herzog

“Most people feel some degree of resistance when it comes to making change in their lives. It takes the form of excuses and limiting beliefs. There are stories we tell ourselves so that we can sleep at night.  We repeat them, over and over, until they become our reality. The Life Design Center mission is helping you to rewrite your story.”

“When it comes to any personal development work, it really is about you. It’s your path, your goals, and your limitations that matter. The rest is just a framework. To the extent you’re getting hung up on the framework, that’s just ego.”

– Mike Herzog


President and Founder – Life Design Center

Mike is a coach helping individuals and organizations reach their highest potential by serving as a bridge between their body and their soul, connecting the head and the heart. It means helping people live in the real world while creating connection to something bigger. It means balancing dreams with reality.


  • How extended fasting can lead to profound results
  • Benefits of a structured framework
  • Added power of a team-based event
  • Personal development is personal
  • Developmental Materialism
  • Coaching’s outside perspective
  • Fear of death
  • Consistency of daily practice and gearing it for success
  • One more thing


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