Kam Knight is a coach, speaker, and author of several best-selling books in the area of mental performance such as memory, concentration, and productivity. Over the past 15 years he has dedicated his life to understanding the secrets of the mind and how to optimize its performance.

“Your older, more primitive parts of the brain have more control over us than the newer, more evolved parts of the brain.”

– Kam Knight

Kam shares the biology behind fear and other emotions, the power of mental images, and the hard-wired challenges to concentration and memory. In addition to the background, he provides techniques to harness fear, to use visualization more powerfully than willpower, to convince our brains to concentrate, to solidify memories and practice recollection, and speed reading for faster learning.

“As humans we forget up to 80% of what we see, hear, and learn within hours.

– Kam Knight


Kam Knight founded MindLily.com to bring together radical, revolutionary, and cutting-edge tips and techniques to help people enhance their mental abilities and bring a flow of success in their lives.

Kam takes on the challenge of enhancing your mental and personal performance by understanding that as humans, we have all these mechanisms and processes going on inside our minds and bodies. By understanding these processes, you can make them work for you, instead of against you. Kam has spent decades learning and understanding these mechanisms and processes.

In his free time, when not writing or teaching, Kam enjoys globetrotting, having traveled to nearly 100 countries around the world. His adventures include diving with hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos, swimming with a whale shark in Honduras, biking the Death Road in Bolivia, hiking the tallest mountain range in Africa, sleeping in the world’s oldest rainforest in Malaysia, and climbing over a dozen active volcanoes.


  • 4 Main fears that drive us
  • Purpose of emotions
  • Visualizing a successful day
  • Willpower loses to mental images
  • Align primitive & modern brains to concentrate
  • Why we forget & how to remember
  • Actionable speed-reading technique
  • Self-talk to better concentration

Repeat 10x daily:

    • I have strong power of concentration
    • I easily focus on any task or activity I choose
    • My mind is alert and attentive
    • I pay attention, it is easy for me to pay attention. I enjoy paying attention.
    • I am in control of my thoughts, decisions, and actions
    • I am free from mental clutter and distractions
    • I easily and naturally ignore distractions




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