Nate Rifkin had failed to achieve any of his goals. He spiraled into debt, drank every morning, felt lonely and lost, hated himself and even contemplated suicide. Just a few years later Nate quadrupled his income, married the woman of his dreams, and found happiness and contentment. What made such a dramatic difference? Rifkin discovered an ancient form of meditation that reversed his downward spiral and elevated him to levels of success he never dreamed possible.

Nate shares the practice and how to stop self-sabotage, eliminate self-doubt, and tap into an unlimited source of energy. WARNING – It’s not easy. It’s not pain-free. But it could transform your life.

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  • Self-hatred, addictions & distractions
  • Why standing meditation?
  • How to build a new practice
  • Compounding change 
  • Science observing Chi
  • Traumas and negativity stuck in our bodies
  • Feeling, clearing, and resolving
  • How healing shows up in life and business
  • Communities of growth and practice


Nate Rifkin found himself at the end of his rope after failing at business, going tens of thousands of dollars into debt, and struggling with suicidal thoughts. After turning his life around and becoming a leader in the field of business, he has written marketing campaigns that have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales. He has prospered by combining ancient mystical practices with modern strategies for living. As a spiritual explorer, he dedicates himself to the Daoist mystical tradition, and is studying to become a Daoist priest and gain his doctorate in Chinese Energetic Medicine. He currently resides with his wife in Golden, CO.



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