Nathaniel Carroll recently completed his one-millionth pushup (on March 2, 2021 and with his kids alongside) on his quest to break the world record for the most push-ups in a 12 month period. This 31 year record of 1,500,230 push-ups looks ready to fall by mid June as Nate averages 4,111 push-ups per day in pursuit.

But, the record and notoriety are not what drive this Wisconsin father of three. He remains humbly focused on the mission it serves: to benefit and to honor the first responders who keep our communities safe and especially those and the families of those who have fallen in the line of duty. And at home, Nate stays focused on leading as a father, by example, with action, dedication, and consistency. These commitments live in his mind every waking moment, impacting every moment and every day until the mission is complete.

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  • Daily routine to average 4,111 pushups
  • Mindset and microgoals
  • Focus on the mission and gratitude
  • Leading by example
  • Adapting for adequate rest and recovery


Nathaniel Carroll is no stranger to hard work, setting big goals, and serving a bigger mission. He was in the US Marine Corps Reserve, has been a social worker in the Wisconsin prison system for 20 years, and is an active dad with children ages 10, 11, and 13. In recent years he has completed two Ironman triathlons and numerous marathons and ultramarathons. But Nate doesn’t stop at the finish line.

In 2019 Nate finished the Marine Corps Marathons plus did 3,142 pushups. In 2020, he tacked on 3,000 pushups to the JailBreak Marathon and 5,000 pushups to the Glacial Trail 50k. Also in 2020, adapting to quarantine, Nate ran 50 miles around his house to raise money for local law enforcement to buy COVID PPE. And this year’s quest for the world record of 1,500,230 pushups to benefit fallen first responders through the Tunnel 2 Towers foundation builds on his 1 million pushups in 2019 that was a demonstration of gratitude to the men and women of law enforcement organizations.


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