“What starts as a simple word choice ultimately forms the world which we inhabit”

– Mark England

Mark England shares how to take control of your life one word at a time. His mission is helping people use intentional language to shape the beliefs that become reality as more powerful, more fulfilled lives. We discuss breaking the victim mentality, the four main things our words influence, and the importance of written words – especially for children.

“Always err on the side of being a badass motherfucker”

– Mark England


  • Our memories aren’t real?
  • Breaking the victim mentality addiction
  • Saying, believing, and THEN seeing
  • Always err on the side of…
  • Casting spells
  • Prime your brain to find solutions
  • 10X your dreams into goals into reality
  • How words affect your breathing
  • Two things needed for mastery
  • Breathing for emotional positivity
  • Breathing to increase athletic performance
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Underthinking. It might as well be me…
  • Four things our words are influencing
  • Create a win journal (for kids)


Mark England is a TEDx Speaker and co-founder and head coach of Procabulary and Enlifted. Mark has been researching, presenting and coaching on the power of words and stories for 13 years. He holds a Masters Degree in Education was an elementary school P.E. teacher before getting into personal development.


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