Spartan Race has been such a powerful and positive force for my family and me as well as the many others founder Joe DeSena is touching with his mission to rip 100 million people off their couches.  Well beyond just the physical challenges and benefits, the sport offers benefits in mindset, mental toughness, positivity, emotional control, and an incredible team and community spirit.

This week is a really fun look at all the good, bad, and ugly of Spartan Race 2019 and with excitement at the start of the 2020 race season just days away. We’re doing it panel style with three of the biggest personalities in the sport – Nathan Connolly, Renalto Hardin II, and Scott Knowles. These guys share what brought them to OCR, what they love about Spartan, and what they’re looking forward to in 2020 and beyond.


  • Suicide awareness and prevention
  • Favorite Spartan race venues and format / distance
  • Most and least favorite obstacles
  • Tip on running multiple races same-day
  • Best and worst of 2019
  • Is Joe DeSena selling or retiring from Spartan?
  • Grading Joe and team on their job in 2019
  • Is Tough Mudder folding or being bought?
  • Favorite OCR races besides Spartan


Coach Nathan Connolly works with adaptive and able-bodied athletes locally in the Los Angeles area and remotely world-wide, specializing in adaptive OCR athletes – ranging in skill and experience from beginner to expert – and includes training in both fitness and nutrition. He’s currently expanding a coaching presence through a new YouTube channel and you can keep up with Nathan’s race schedule and coaching tips via the Instagram link below. He’s aiming for 4 Ultras and 10 Trifectas in 2020.


Renalto Hardin II hails from Detroit, is a Michigan Wolverine, and has served a career in the US Army. He has represented that branch of the armed force in numerous Spartan race events on his way to racking up 21 Trifectas to-date. But the best still lies ahead with numerous Ultras in Renalto’s plans for the 2020 race season and upcoming retirement from military service allowing even more focus on fitness, racing, and his work in suicide awareness and prevention.


Scott Knowles discovered Spartan racing in 2015 and since then has racked up 20 Trifectas and over 100 total Spartan races. He now races in the top tier of the Elite and Age Group classes with multiple podiums to his name. Nonetheless you could not meet a more humble individual who loves to compete but is always out there to have a great time. He is always the guy putting up fun pictures like this one as he rips it up on the course, cheering on fellow racers. Scott is definitely a “glass half full” type with a contagious positivity, gratitude, and love of the sport. He is usually on the other side of the microphone as host of the I Am a Spartan podcast.


Coach Nathan Connolly

Renalto Hardin II

Scott “The Fayne” Knowles


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