“Let’s create an army of people that come together, that are pushing each other, encouraging each other, and working toward a goal of getting rid of excuses in life. Think about how much better we could all be in every aspect if we just throw out excuses and work towards grit. “

– Micah Murphree

Micah Murphree grew up doing hard work on a farm and in sports. As a youth pastor and father of three, he has a passion for developing respectful young men and instilling resilience. When he suddenly found himself out of bounds where he wanted to be physically, he took action – looking to lead by example with passion and perseverance.

“Grit: The unyielding will to keep pushing forward despite hardships, despite obstacles, and despite having a lack of motivation, a lack of passion, and a lack of energy”

– Micah Murphree

Micah got moving, he reframed his language and mindset, and committed to some big goals. In the process he reawakened a long term vision for creating a sustainable business that would serve others in need. That vision has come to life as Grit Army – making relentlessly designed, high quality compression socks for obstacle course racing and other athletic apparel and with proceeds supporting a program for children in the Dominican Republic.

“Change that word and say ‘I get to.’ I get to go run today. And, I started thinking…yeah, if we just change our perspective on things and stop making excuses…I started thinking, my goodness I’m so blessed. I try to have that mentality of I get to go run today, I get to go workout, I get to go do these things and I’m going to try to take advantage of it because I know so many people don’t get to do that and wish they could.”

– Micah Murphree


  • Defining grit…making it harder
  • Reframe ‘I have to’ into ‘I get to’
  • Building a business on relentless design and quality


Micah Murphree was raised working a farm in Alabama and playing sports including collegiate soccer and is the first male cheerleader (as far as we know!) to appear on the Man of Mastery podcast. Today he is a devoted husband, father and leader of three boys, and respected youth pastor in Florida.

Two years ago he founded Grit Army to fill a performance athletic product void in obstacle racing and to connect and enable a tribe of people dedicating to bettering themselves and their lives in service to others.  Grit Army has pledged 10% of its proceeds to support the Emanuel House – a school/after-school program located in Quisqueya, Dominican Republic ministering weekly to over 150 children.

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